I Think They Can Handle It

Desperate for a cheap date, long ago my husband and I started going out to breakfast once a week while our girls were in school. With no need to hire a babysitter and many inexpensive menu options, this has become our tradition for making time with each other through the busyness of life in ministry.

A few weeks ago we headed to one of our favorite breakfast places, an Amish restaurant surrounded by corn fields way out in the country. As we walked in the door, something didn’t feel right. The place was unnervingly quiet and felt just a bit “off.” The restaurant owner approached us and apologized for the lights being out. The electric company was working on the lines and the restaurant was without power for the day. Disappointed, we turned to leave, but the owner told us to go ahead and have a seat, someone would come take our order shortly. Momentarily confused, it finally dawned on us what was happening. A power outage in an AMISH restaurant? I think they can handle it! 🙂

Having read my fair share of Beverly Lewis books, I know that Amish people wear plain clothes, drive buggies, and don’t use electricity. Duh! If anyone can handle a power outage, it’s the Amish! What a no-brainer! We enjoyed our typically delicious breakfast of omelettes and coffee surrounded by serene views out the large picture window. And it got me thinking: are there no-brainers that I’m missing in my own life?

As usual, God answered my question by gently stepping on my toes. As believers in an all-powerful, all-knowing God who have experienced His great love and faithful provision time and time again, it should be a no-brainer to trust Him when things get tough. We know that He sees and knows each need that we have. We believe that He is able to take care of any problem we’re facing. We understand that He loves us and cares about what happens to us. And yet, we still worry.

Our car breaks down… college applications are due… sports physicals have hit a snag… doctor bills are piling up… new shoes are needed… it’s normal to worry, right? Absolutely! But we’re not supposed to be “normal,” we’re supposed to be different. We know the truth! We serve an amazing God who is rich beyond measure, powerful beyond compare, and wise beyond comprehension… and He promises to meet all my needs according to His riches in glory!

We could sit around and worry and fret, filled with fear like “normal” people. Or we can be different, handling these circumstances with prayer, placing our confidence in the faithfulness of our Father.

Let’s be different. Let’s be filled with peace instead of worry.When troubles come our way may our natural response to be one of faith and not fear. In other words, let’s be the kind of people that the world sees us and says about us what we did  about the Amish facing a power-outage:

“I think they can handle it!”

Omelettes cooked sans electricity. You can really taste the love...and the strict discipline... of the Amish!

Amish omelettes cooked sans electricity. You can really taste the love and the strict discipline.


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