Making Me Brave

wasp redI sure do love summertime! But I sure do NOT like the wasp invasion that comes along with it! Recently we’ve found ourselves killing at least one wasp a day in various rooms inside our house! It almost makes you afraid to go to sleep at night or, at the very least, afraid to go anywhere without a flip-flop handy. A few weeks ago, though, I broke down and invested in some serious wasp killer spray. I even splurged on the name brand- that’s how dire our situation was! This stuff shoots fairly accurately up to 20 feet and kills the wasp almost instantly! Now when one of the girls squeals over a wasp in their bedroom I’m able to charge in and take care of things. I am fearless in the face of these demon insects! Wasps beware! I am armed and dangerous!


The other day I read the story of Elisha & his servant who were surrounded by an enemy force. The servant was overwhelmed and afraid, but Elisha faced their adversaries with confidence. When the servant questioned his master’s boldness, Elisha asked God to open his eyes to the supernatural. Suddenly the servant was able to see the source of Elisha’s bravery: the mighty host of heaven’s armies were surrounding them! The source of Elisha’s faith was vastly greater than the source of his fear!

“I can live without fear when the Source of my faith is greater than the source of my fear!”

I am working to move from living a life of fear to living a life of faith. One of the best ways i can do this is to recognize the spiritual battle that is going on around me. My enemies may be overwhelming me, my situation may be a struggle, and fear feels like a natural response. But if I can focus on the supernatural, look past the physical to “see” the spiritual, my response can be one of faith because “Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world!” I can face things that used to scare me because I know that the Source of my faith is more powerful than the source of my fear! The Word of God is living and active in my life, and I have no need to fear because I am armed and dangerous!


What are you fearful of today? How can you let God make you brave?


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