Creative Stuff

I love doing creative ministry! Finding new and interesting ways to communicate the truths found in God’s Word fills me with joy! On this page you will find links to scripts, ideas, and links to videos that we have done in our creative ministry team.

Feel free to use these ideas or materials for your own ministries. However, please don’t copy and use as your own. All materials here are original in content and the property of Stephanie Shouse and the Spottsville CAMELS. Please give credit accordingly.

I love to hear how others are doing creative ministry! Send me a message on this page and let me know what you are doing or if you decide to use one of the ideas posted here.

Interpretive Movement for the Superchick song “Stand in the Rain”

“God has given gifts to each of you from His great variety of spiritual gifts…use them to serve others.” 1 Peter 4:10

Burdens” a simple sketch for adults about giving all your worries and cares to God.

Ask, Seek, Knock” a combination of both dramatic reading and skit illustrating Matthew 7:7.

Worship Is” a dramatic reading for 3-6 people describing true worship.

Together” a simple sketch for women illustrating how the Body of Christ should work together, using their own unique gifts to serve.

Worship Cafeteria Style” a humorous sketch showing how we make worship about ourselves and our own preferences rather than about God and what He desires from us.

Is That In The Bible?” is a humorous sketch for 4 people that requires minimal props and preparation. It is designed to emphasize to Christians the importance of knowing and reading your Bible.

We Drink To Remember” is a dramatic reading paired with pictures that can be presented via PowerPoint with no memorization. It’s a solemn yet joyful message of the meaning behind the Lord’s Supper/Communion.

“Dr. Feelgood Counsels Famous Couples from the Bible” is a light-hearted, humorous sketch written for a Valentine’s dinner. It is a simple script with lots of room for ad-libbing and very few props needed. Absolutely no spiritual significance but was a lot of fun! 🙂



3 thoughts on “Creative Stuff

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  3. Oh my word! yes.. I love your sketches!! I am also a creative one! Just beginning to make time again for it, my youngest turns 2 this week, and I just kinda forsook all my artsy ways for pregnancy and ministry craziness… but this has really inspired me even more! I can’t wait to see more from you!!!


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