Pastor’s Wife Stuff

My whole life I knew I wanted to serve God in a special way, and I told Him I would do whatever He asked- except marry a preacher! God laughed and in His own plan He made me a preacher’s wife.  🙂

Every pastor’s wife I knew growing up had perfect hair, a perfect smile, and a perfect wardrobe. She was gracious and kind and calm and wise. She played the piano, taught the children, led the women and cooked for every potluck.

cropped-1-e1407894530729.jpgI, on the other hand, have the smiling part perfected but the rest is pretty much outside the lines of what the perfect PW should be. For years I tried to fit myself into the mold of what I (& others) expected me to be, and for years I was a miserable woman living in the fishbowl of expectations and frustrations.

No more!

God created me to be exactly who I am- frizzy, sparkly, messy, real… AND He called me to be a Pastor’s Wife- to lead by example, to encourage the ones He puts in my path, and to bring glory to Him through my weaknesses.

Here are some posts about my struggles and victories as I seek to become the very best Pastor’s Wife that God has made me to be. Click any title to be taken to the full blog post:

Of Funerals & Fire Alarms

PW Power of Influence

Introducing His Lovely Wife

Am I Invisible?

Wishing I Was Invisible

You Can’t Please Everybody

Ministry Ups & Downs

What I Love About Life In Ministry


New PJ’s or New Blinds?


Not Alone

What Makes A Good PW?

Choosing Joy in the Hard Times

Keeping It Simple


One thought on “Pastor’s Wife Stuff

  1. Once I read about your blog I got anxious to read your posts. Just by reading the name you gave it, Not so perfect… I identtifed myself. Not a perfect exmple of what people expect from a Pastors wife… for the last 7 years asking God to help me be the perfect Pastor wife to finally understand that of because how I was, He chose me, or is this a trying to confort myself. Anyway starting reading first ” I am invisible”. What would you think if I told you I am the one that feels invisible. Constantly fighting with this feeling!!


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