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11078098_10206430506188445_2927639598885042317_nLet’s be honest: the term PK conjurs up all sorts of terrible images of bratty kids running through the sanctuary, snotty preteens who act like they know it all in Sunday school, and rebellious teenagers a-la Katy Perry and that crazy dancing preacher’s daughter on Footloose (I still haven’t let my girls watch the new version of THAT movie)!

My husband Jeff was a PK and was pretty much all of those stereotypes (except the dancing girl). But when God called him to be both a pastor AND a dad he was determined NOT to raise the “typical” preacher’s kids. One of the things that is hardest for kids growing up in a pastor’s family is the constant expectation for them to be model Christians, perfect examples, and walking Bible dictionaries simply because of who their dad is. In response to those unrealistic expectations, we’ve tried to be very intentional to raise our girls knowing that they are both different AND the same as all the other kids- not because of who their daddy is but because of Who their Father is.

We have family rules and expectations, not because dad is a pastor but because we are followers of Jesus, and we want to live like it. So, that means NO we’re not going to let you go see that movie…not because of who might see you there and talk about it…but because it’s not a movie that is appropriate for you as a believer in Jesus. It also means YES you can dye your hair pink…even though people might talk and think it’s inappropriate for a preacher’s kid…but there’s nothing sinful about it and it sounds like a lot of fun!

Raising kids is tough- raising PK’s is just as tough…but with a lot more people watching. Here are a few samples of what it’s like to Parent PK’s:

Parenting Teenagers is EASY!

Roller Coaster of Emotions


Teaching God’s Provision

It’s All In the Presentation

Teaching Perseverance 

Doing Life Together

Rebellion Can (Sometimes) Be Good

Easter Family Pic Funny - Copy



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