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I wish I had a fancy phone that let you choose from the numerous downloadable ringtones out there. The “coolest” ringtone I have is “Hello, Moto…{cue digital disco music}”. But since I am both indecisive and impulsive I imagine it would be hard to decide on if I had too many choices. (Indecisive AND impulsive, you say? Sadly, it’s true…the worst of both worlds. I often impulsively make a choice because I know I will talk myself out of it if I think about it too long…but when I think about it too long, the indecisiveness kicks in…My husband loves this about me…{read sarcastically}…)

Anyway…back to ringtones. I was sitting in the dentist office the other day waiting for the girls and there was this man in there. He was dressed in overalls, dirty work boots, and full beard. He had been talking to his son about chores and tractors and UK basketball. Then his cell phone rings…and his ringtone is “My Humps” by the Black-eyed Peas…I must say, I almost hurt myself trying to hold in my giggles. Then there was the little, white-haired lady at the table next to me last week when we were eating out. She was sitting alone, with a book and a cup of coffee when her phone began to very loudly play “Wild Thang.” The best part was that she obviously couldn’t hear it because it continued to play over and over until the person on the other end got tired of waiting for her to answer. I love to hear other people’s ringtones because it often gives you an insight into who they are, or at least who they wish they were, better than what you can see on the surface.

But never one to pass up a “teachable moment,” I had to ask myself a question. Just like I did a double-take when a person’s ringtone did not match their appearance, do people do a double-take when I say that I’m a Christ-follower? When I name-drop God into a conversation are people surprised because they wouldn’t have guessed I knew Him based on what they had seen in my life? To quote a t-shirt: I can “talk the talk” but do I “walk the walk”? Or, even better, to quote a VBS song: Does my “action match my passion”?

Hmmm….VBS music is one of my favorites…Maybe that should be my ringtone. What about you? Have you ever done a double-take at a ringtone…or someone’s mention of Jesus? What’s your current ringtone?


3 thoughts on “Ringtones

  1. If my phone allowed, and maybe it does, I would put “Stomp” as my ringtone. Remember the song a while back that has God’s Property bumpin the cool music? But thankfully I do not know how to put that on my phone. God knows I would probably break it down in Walmart and NOBODY wants to see that, not even the Lord!


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